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Carpet Cleaning

Specials (Each special limit 1 per household)

3 areas of Carpet for $59

3 areas of carpet & 10 stairs for 89$

300 sq ft of Tile for $175 ($50 discount!)

Sofa for $75 ($10 discount!)

Regular areas under 200 square feet


w/ Protectant

w/ Urine Treatment



Dining Room

Living Room

Family Room



Oversized areas over 200 square feet

Great Room






Irregular Areas


Small Bathroom

Large Bathroom

Walk-in Closet

Area Rugs


w/ Protectant

w/ Urine Treatment

Sq Footage

Synthetic Rugs

Wool Rugs

Upholstery Cleaning

Sectional Sofa





Dining Rm Chair

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This is one of our most popular promotions! 3 regular areas of carpet for $59.00, saving you a total of $46.00, almost 50% off! The promotion only applies for regular sized rooms and not oversized areas or stairs.

3 Areas of Carpet plus 10 stairs for $89.00. Saving you $46.00(regularly $135.00)! This promotion is perfect for condominium homes or 2-story apartments. If you don't have a third room, but you do have more than 10 stairs your on-site technician may be able to work with you on the price and substitute the third room for the additional stairs at the same price.

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tile cleaner

300 square feet of Tile cleaned for just $175.00. That's a $50.00 discount(normally $225.00)! We can make your tile and grout look like new again. Your tile & grout should be cleaned every 1-2 years, or the sealant will wear off your grout and it could become suspectible to permanent stains. This promotion is for the cleaning only. Sealing tile & grout is an additional .25 cents per square foot. This promotion can not be used for slate, limestone, or other natural stones with high gloss finishes sensitive to heat. If you have any questions about which type of flooring you have please give our office a call.

Sofa for $75.00. $10 discount(regularly $85.00)! Using our steam extraction system we can remove years of oil, grease and dirt from your family's sofa. Your couch will look new again and you'll have the piece of mind that when your family sits down to gather you'll be sitting on absolutely clean surfaces.

upholstery cleaner

Regular areas under 200 square feet.

Most of the rooms in your home are probably under 200 square feet with the exception of great rooms, combined living-dining rooms, or large basement areas. You can measure your areas to see if they are under 200 square feet in a variety of ways: you could use a tape measure or walk the room out with men's size 12 shoes. PurElements' technicians are understanding too and usually won't count a room as oversized if it is just a couple feet over 200 square feet. You can not combine square footages from different rooms and count them as one room. 2 "100 square foot" rooms would not count as 1 area.

spill on carpet

Our protective treatment keeps your surfaces cleaner longer and stops permanent stains from developing. You've probably heard of treatments like Scotchguard, but PurElements' protective treatment is much stonger and longer-lasting. PurElements' protective treatment is also non-toxic and safe for homes that have children or pets. Although, protective treatments cost more than a basic cleaning alone most of our customers are glad they made the investment.

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Have a member of your family who is leaving nasty surprises around your house? Don't live with the smell or stains any longer. PurElements can make it like it never even happened. Even the strongest, most advanced urine problems stand no chance against PurElement's urine treatment. For any home with urine stains, we strongly recommend this treatment because often using just the basic clean can actually make the problem worse. Can you imagine what happens to the smell coming from urine spots when you put boiling hot water on them? This urine treatment represents our topical treatment. For information on deeper urine treatments please consult with your on-site technician.

Other areas under 200 square feet. You can use this field to add rooms that don't fit the room descriptions above. Or you can use this field to add additional square feet from oversized rooms. For example if you had a great room that was 500 square feet, you would add 1 great room(400 sq ft) from the oversized areas category in this table and then you would also add an additional room in this field too to cover the cost of the remaining 100 sq ft from that 500 sq ft room. If you had a room that was 600 sq feet or more you could just add 3 areas to this field if you wanted ( 200 times 3 = 600 sq ft). It's really up to you how you use this field.

All residential carpet cleaning companies charge more for oversized rooms that are over 200 square feet. Usually an oversized area will be charged as two rooms(twice the price of the regular room rate) regardless of whether that room is 210 sq feet or 390 sq feet. If the room is bigger than 400 square feet then it would be charged as a triple area. Here's some examples of how rooms are charged based on their size:
190 sq ft = $35.00 (single area)
230 sq ft = $70.00 (double area)
280 sq ft = $70.00 (double area)
430 sq ft = $105.00 (triple area)
570 sq ft = $105.00 (triple area)
You can use the "Other" fields in this table to enter additional square footage from other rooms

Use this field for additional areas that are over 200 square feet. This field is only for other double-sized areas. So if you had a huge basement area that was 1200 square feet you would enter 3 of these. (1200 divided by 400 = 3) Please use the "Other" field in the "under 200 square ft" category for additional areas that aren't over 200 square feet. Of course, if you have any questions you can always call our office. Also, your estimate doesn't have to be totally exact. Your onsite technician can help you figure out how to count up your rooms.

fancy stairs

Please enter the number of individual stairs you have NOT STAIRCASES! Most residential homes have between 10-15 stairs per staircase. Typically 90% of staircases have 13 stairs. One individual stair includes it's top and riser. A riser is the vertical part of the stair.

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A landing is not a loft or hallway at the top or bottom of stairs, but is an area in the middle of a staircase. Landings are usually about 3 ft x 3 ft or more. If your stairs don't have an definite landing then you don't have to worry about it. If your stairs change direction by being triangular you don't have to worry about a landing. If you have two or more stairs that act as a landing it would only count as a single landing. For example, if you have 2 3ft x 3ft landings right next to each other where your stairs change direction that would count as 1 landing.

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PurElements counts hallways in increments of 10 linear feet. So if you have a 20 foot long hallway in your home that would count as 2 hallways. It doesn't matter how wide the hallway is typically unless the hallway is wider than 8 feet, which is extremely uncommon. If you have a 30 ft long hallway that would count as 3 hallways, 40 ft would be 4 hallways, etc...

A large bathroom is defined as a bathroom that exceeds 100 sq feet. If your bathroom is 150 sq ft it would count as a large bathroom. If your bathroom is 50 sq ft or 90 sq ft it would count as a small bathroom. Typically bathrooms that are off your main hallways are small bathrooms. Most large bathrooms are typically master bathrooms or luxury bathrooms.

carpeted bathroom
walk in closet

A walk-in closet is usually at least 3 feet deep or more. Most rooms have small(non walk-in closets) which don't cost an additional amount because they are included in the normal price of a room. If you have two walk-in closets (his and her style) that are not joined that would count as 2 seperate walk-in closets.

Please enter the total number of square footage from all of the rugs that you needed cleaned (per type). For example:
5 x 10 rug = 50 sq ft
3 x 4 rug = 12 sq ft
10 x 8 rug = 80 sq ft

= 142 total sq ft

So if all of the above rug sizes were synthetic then you would enter 142 square feet into the synthetic rug field

synthetic rug

Synthetic rugs are basically any rugs that aren't wool. If you look on the back of your rug and it says something like "Opulon", "Polyster", "Nylon" or anything else besides wool then that rug is synthetic. Synthetic rugs are easier to clean and therefore present less liability and can be cleaned for cheaper.

The easiest ways to identify a wool rug is to either look at it's tag(found on a back corner) or by it's smell. Wool rugs will smell like "wet dog" when wet. If your rug has ever smelled funny after a cleaning then it's probably wool. If there was no noticeable smell after it was cleaned it probably wasn't wool. Wool rugs are more expensive, sensitive to certain chemicals and temperature so they present a big liability. If a wool rug isn't cleaned carefully then it could get permanent marks made by the cleaning tool, the color could fade, or the dyes on the rug could bleed together. Before PurElements cleans a wool rug we will test it to see if the dyes are completely "fast" and won't bleed when cleaned. If a wool rug's dyes aren't fast it will need to be cleaned by hand at a specialty rug cleaning shop.

sectional sofa pic

A sectional sofa is a sofa with more than 3 main seat cushions that usually curves or has an "L-shape". Because sectional sofas are much bigger than regular 3-seat sofa/couches they do cost more. Upholstery cleaning always includes the cushions and pillows that came as a set with that upholstery. You can't take extra pillows or pillows from other rooms or couches and try to include them into the price of cleaning a piece of upholstery. Upholstery cleaning also includes cleaning the back, sides, all sides of the cushions, basically every square foot and inch of that piece of upholstery. If you're only interested in getting specific areas of a piece of upholstery cleaned then it's best to talk to your onsite technician and he can give you a specific price for only cleaning certian parts.

A recliner chair is an oversized chair, Lazy Boy or overstuffed chair. If you have an atypical reclining chair like a wooden chair that isn't upholstered by just has a loose fitting set of cushions tied to it then please talk to your onsite technician to get pricing. All of the upholstery prices listed in this table are for regular upholstery fabric types and don't apply towards leather cleaning or antique upholstery cleaning.

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